Shipping is $3.99 per half pound  or $1.75 per samples
  Orders outside of the U.S please contact us before buying due to shipping will cost more.


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Quotes Hello, Just thought I would take a minute to tell you what wonderful Products you have. I have been using this food now for over a month and my fish go crazy for it, and the colors on the fish seem to be much brighter and vibrant. Also, let me say that the worm food has put my fish into a breeding frenzy, they are breeding like crazy just like you said they would. Thanks again I cant be more happier with your customer service and your products. Quotes

Quotes The beefheart flakes I ordered came very quickly and in good shape too! My discus were a little hesitant at first to try it, as expected, but are now eating it with ease on day 2. Thanks!! Quotes
Joshua Snyder